Tapping, meet Midlife. Midlife, meet tapping.

Benefits of Tapping:

By tapping on specific tapping points on your face and chest, you can induce profound changes in the brain and nervous system.

  • Decrease Stress Levels

    Tapping decreases cortisol levels and sends calming signals to the hippocampus and amygdala, tapping will help to rewire your brain's habitual response to stressful triggers.

  • Immediate Benefits

    Tapping is easy to do with little-to-no side effects and you will experience incredible, lasting benefits quickly, often immediately.

  • Customizable Experience

    You will choose which guided tapping sequence to use (and which of Dr. Taniqua's powerful informational videos to watch) based on the midlife and perimenopausal symptoms you're experiencing.

Unlike in puberty (remember the “period” talks in school) and in pregnancy (characterized with monthly to weekly office visits), the perimenopausal transition can seem like a wilderness. 

You feel unsure if you what you are experiencing can be attributed to your hormones alone, and you don’t feel you have the connections to find the right answers. 
Your recent annual check-up didn’t give you much clarity, and you need to understand on a very foundational level the changes going on in your body. 

In “Harnessing Your Power: A Mindful Midlife Toolkit,” you will receive:

Menopause shouldn't just “happen” to you. Maintaining your agency over the physical and emotional changes that may develop is the key to feeling empowered in this beautiful second act of your life.

  • Perimenopause Health Education

    Perimenopausal health education has been shown to not only impact menopause-related knowledge and attitudes but also the perceived severity of perimenopausal symptoms.

  • Tapping Sequences & EFT

    Why tapping? Because it decreases cortisol levels and sends calming signals to the hippocampus and amygdala, helping to rewire your brain's habitual response to stressful triggers.

  • Perimenopause Empowerment

    By combining foundational menopausal education with EFT/tapping sequences, you are the author of your perimenopausal story. Knowledge truly is power!

You want to enter this next transition of your life by saying 'NO!' to...

  • feeling overwhelmed by common perimenopausal symptoms

  • remaining undereducated about the physical and emotional impact of the perimenopausal transition

  • giving up agency on how they feel in your body

  • accepting the notion of “you are getting older” as an excuse to suffer through troublesome symptoms

  • putting your life on hold while you wade through the perimenopausal symptoms

  • limiting your repertoire to more and more medications but want to expand your mindfulness toolkit

Course Curriculum

Blending Mindfulness with Perimenopause to Create a Space for Healing

  1. 01
  2. 02
    • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats Education with Dr. Taniqua

    • Tapping for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats with Dr. Jill

    • Tapping script for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

  3. 03
    • Weight Gain Education with Dr. Taniqua

    • Tapping for Weight Gain and Body Changes with Dr. Jill

    • Body Changes and Weight Gain Tapping script

  4. 04
    • Brain Fog and Difficulty Sleeping Education with Dr. Taniqua

    • Tapping for Brain Fog and Difficulty Sleeping with Dr. Jill

    • Brain Fog Tapping Script

  5. 05
    • Mood Changes Education with Dr. Taniqua

    • Tapping for Mood Changes with Dr. Jill

    • Tapping Script For Mood Changes

  6. 06
    • Sexual Dysfunction Education with Dr. Taniqua

    • Tapping for Sexual Dysfunction with Dr. Jill

    • Sexual Dysfunction Tapping Script

  7. 07
    • How Far I've Come: Post-course survey

    • Post-Course Survey: Utian Quality of Life (UQOL) Scale

    • Mindful Midlife Toolkit Course Feedback

  8. 08
    • BONUS: Perimenopausal Bleeding with Dr. Taniqua

    • BONUS: Tapping Sequence for Sleep

    • BONUS: Guided Self-Compassion Meditation

    • Your Tapping Tracker Worksheet

Dr. Taniqua and Dr. Jill share insights about the course in this video


“The Harnessing Your Power course is AMAZING! It is exactly what women need to be educated and inspired as they walk through their menopause journey. I highly recommend women take this course to gather digestible information and learn innovative techniques that are necessary to support them through their menopausal transition and beyond.”

Women's Wellness Consultant

Dr. Joy' El

“Harnessing your power: A mindful menopause toolkit is an outstanding example of ‘knowledge is power’! I would recommend this course to not only my perimenopausal patients, but for all adult women to learn about reproductive aging. Menopause is a natural part of life and Dr. Miller clearly explains the common symptoms women experience and why. Dr. Jill Wener provides step by step instructions on the “tapping” technique that helps women take control of the emotions that may accompany some of these symptoms. Together, Drs. Miller and Wener give women the knowledge and tools to take control. As a physician, I can appreciate how Dr. Miller presents the plain facts in a way that’s educational and validating. For those of us who have dedicated our careers to advancing women’s health, this course is an important adjunct to traditional medical care for our patients. The information is backed up by the latest scientific evidence, and importantly, women will have the language to discuss these issues with their healthcare provider. This toolkit will empower women to make a difference in how they experience this monumental time in their lives.”

Associate Professor and Director, Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Emory University School of Medicine

Dr. Gina Northington


  • Who will benefit the most from this course?

    Anyone who’s approaching, or in the throes of, menopause, who’s looking for evidence-based, self-empowering tools to manage symptoms and embrace the changes that are part of this next phase of life.

  • What is Tapping and why was it included as a tool?

    Tapping (also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT), is an evidence-based, powerful stress-reduction and healing technique that has its roots in acupuncture. Instead of using needles, it uses acupressure (also called tapping). It’s a natural fit for anyone experiencing the physical and emotional symptoms related to menopause. It’s easy to do (all you have to do is follow along with the videos) and it works quickly with little to no side effects. No other technique will allow you to connect with your body, become more tuned into your emotions, and embrace this new and exciting phase of your life.

  • How long does the course take to complete and can I take my time?

    Menopause is a journey, and so is this course! There are about 6 hours of video content, and you can take as long as you’d like to experience it. You don’t have to go in order, either; you can do the modules that correspond to the symptoms you’re having at any particular time. Got hot flashes? Do the hot flashes module. Feeling a drop in your libido? Do the sexual dysfunction module.

  • Does the course come with 1:1 coaching options or any direct contract with the instructors?

    The course material is all pre-recorded, so you can watch the modules and reflect in your Mindful Menopause Journal at your own pace. If you’d like to work with Dr. Taniqua or Dr. Jill 1:1, you can find their contact information at the bottom of this page in the "Meet Your Instructors" section.

  • Will I have access to this course after I complete it?

    Yes! You’ll have a lifetime of access to this course. Feel free to come back to it anytime you’re looking for tools to help you thrive during your menopause journey.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Your investment in this course is non-refundable. If you're not resonating with the course material right away, you may choose to take a break and come back in a few weeks or months; you may connect differently with the modules at that time.

Meet your instructors...

A native of New York City, Dr. Miller’s relatability and authenticity are the threads that bring women together.Dr. Miller trained in psychology at Yale University and earned her medical degree from Harvard Medical school. But don’t let the Ivy League pedigree fool you. No stuffy stats here! Dr. Taniqua Miller is an assistant professor in the department of gynecology and obstetrics at Emory School of Medicine. She is a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and is recognized as a national certified menopause practitioner for the North American Menopause Society. In addition to her clinical interests, Dr. Miller is a committed educator for medical students and resident physicians and a champion of equity in recruitment of diverse trainees and faculty. She has been recognized as a distinguished faculty by the Society of Academic Specialists in General Obstetrics and Gynecology. She currently serves as the Chair of the Emory GYN/OB’s departmental Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. She is a wife, mother of three children and two fur babies, and the founder of TaniquaMD, an educational platform that aids women and girls during the transitions of puberty, postpartum, and perimenopause.

Taniqua Miller, MD

National Certified Menopause Practitioner

After 10+ years practicing Internal Medicine in a busy urban hospital, Jill knows firsthand what severe stress and burnout feel like. In the midst of her own emotional turmoil, she was introduced to Conscious Health Meditation, and it had a profound effect on her well-being. The only Conscious Health (also known as Vedic) Meditation instructor in Georgia, Jill completed her training in Rishikesh, India in April, 2016. When she discovered the evidence-based technique of tapping at a conference for women physicians in 2017 she was amazed at how well it complemented her meditation practice and helped her to let go of long-held limiting beliefs. She became a tapping practitioner in 2019 and co-created the Harnessing Your Power series with Dr. Taniqua Miller in 2021. A nationally-renowned expert in physician wellness, Jill has published several articles on KevinMD, led physician wellness programs around the country, and lectured at the national level on stress, the benefits of meditation and tapping, and anti-racism. She has been interviewed on multiple TV and radio shows as well as podcasts (in the medical community and beyond). In addition to her online and in-person meditation, tapping, and anti-racism programs, Jill leads meditation retreats all over the world.

Jill Wener, MD

EFT/Tapping and Meditation Expert

A reality exists where you can thrive in your midlife perimenopause journey. Are you ready to tap into your power and potential?

Course Investment

Empower Yourself With In-depth Educational Videos and Specific Guided EFT/Tapping Sequences for 5 of the Most Distressing Perimenopausal Symptoms. Plus: a Mindful Midlife Journal, Bonus Tapping Sequences, and Bonus Educational Modules!